New Orlean BioInnovation Center

Navigating IP Minefields: Patent Clearance Strategies in Today’s Legal Climate

Wednesday January 18
12:00 – 1:00pm
Main Conference Room

Presented by attorneys Michael Leachman and Micah Fincher from Jones Walker LLP


The stakes were recently raised for businesses bringing a new product or service to market. The Supreme Court’s June 2016 decision in Halo Electronics v. Pulse Electronics lowered the bar for trial courts to enhance damages for patent infringement, up to three times actual damages. Attorneys Michael Leachman and Micah Fincher of Jones Walker LLP will explain how the assistance of patent counsel can prove valuable when navigating patent minefields and understanding freedom to operate issues that may affect your technology. This lunch seminar will provide strategies to protect your innovations by both identifying and minimizing patent infringement risks through the use of clearance searches and formal written opinions.

Lunch will be generously provided by Jones Walker.