New Orlean BioInnovation Center

AAAneurysm Outreach is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA, pronounced “Triple A”) and driving at-risk individuals to get screened. The goals of the organization are to raise public awareness of AAA, provide free early-detection screening services to at-risk populations, and create a support network for individuals and families impacted by or at risk for AAA.

Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies, Inc. (Est. 2012, Tulane spin-out) develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the real time monitoring and control of polymer reactions across all synthetic and natural polymer sectors from R&D through high volume industrial production. Our mission is to play an enabling role in the polymeric materials industry of the 21st century by developing new technology for monitoring and control of polymer reactions to reduce cost, improve quality and reduce the environmental footprint of the polymer industry.

Based on technology developed at Tulane University, Advano is one of New Orleans’s first nanotechnology companies specializing in the manufacturing and processing of advanced materials called nanoparticles. This technology has applications in several high value markets (eg. renewable energy, biotech, and electronics), and the startup’s initial product focus is silicon nanoparticles due to their ubiquitous applications in lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaics, electronics, and coatings to name a few.

Aureus Research Consultants began as a contract monitoring organization in 1997 and expanded into clinical research training in 2000. Aureus’ training curriculum includes entry level and intermediate programs that are based in the regulatory, clinical and practical requirements of clinical trials.

AxoSim is a contract research organization dedicated to improving preclinical pharmaceutical development. Using advanced “nerve-on-a-chip” technology developed at Tulane, AxoSim facilitates the prediction of neurological safety and efficacy early in the drug development pipeline. By providing an alternative to animal testing, pharmaceutical companies will have access to high content data faster and earlier than currently possible.‬‬

Be Well Nutrition is an innovative health-product company. Be Well is working to fulfill their mission to create nutritionist developed and recommended, all-natural, functional health products. The company is currently launching ICONIC, an all-natural protein drink that satisfies hunger, provides healthy energy, and increases focus. Be Well Nutrition has developed the perfect way to enjoy the functional benefits of getting nutrients delivered directly to the body in a fun, great tasting, hydrating and convenient form.

Better Day Health™ is a web-based platform that uses predictive modeling and third party applications and devices to leverage the power of data to prompt action, facilitate collaboration, and proactively manage health. The system combines speech-to-text mobile devices and web-based technologies to automate clinical data collection.

Bhoomi (previously FreshCane) was founded to make people aware of the benefits of natural, unprocessed cane water. The company’s aim is to serve people with a functional beverage which is healthy, raw, un-altered, and uncompromised on taste. In its natural form, cane water has many essential nutrients, such as abundance of potassium and fibers, and a low glycemic index. As a natural hydrant, cane water provides a sustained source of energy. With an investment in domestic and sustainable economy, Bhoomi is a minimal waste business, which recycles cane waste, called “Bagasse,” via compost facilities.

Approximately 180,000 female mastectomies occur each year in the U.S. due to breast cancer. Materials similar to ours have been used in surgeries for more than 30 years; by reimaging these materials and their processing, it has allowed us to apply well-established processes and reconstruction methods to the regeneration of nipple-areola complexes for women who have undergone mastectomies. This is a significant improvement over current standard methods that are contingent on many factors, from surgical skill and skin thickness to blood supply to the reconstructed nipple-like structure and tattooing skills.

Bioceptive is a women’s health company developing innovative products to improve care for women all over the world. Bioceptive has developed a suction based retractor that replaces the cervical tenaculum and forms a platform for creating other devices for intrauterine procedures. Bioceptive has also developed an easy-to-use IUD inserter which revolutionizes the IUD insertion field.

Cap and Kill LLC has developed a targeted alternative to traditional, aerosolized herbicides for the removal of undesired woody plants. This approach allows decreased herbicide dosing while protecting mature, desired plants. It also limits the herbicide’s exposure to the surface soil, insects, humans, and animals.

Carondelet Labs is a manufacturer of fluorescent dyes for biotechnological applications serving the entire scientific community. The company’s main goal is to provide classic fluorescent dyes in lab and bulk quantities at the most reasonable prices on the market.

Carre BioDiagnostics has developed an innovative but simple blood test to identify those chronic kidney disease patients with coronary artery disease, allowing for earlier treatment, improved outcomes, and reduced costs. The bone morphogenetic protein-4 (BMP-4) assay is a simple serological test that provides a safe, accurate, and minimally invasive method to detect these patients, leading to lowered healthcare costs and improved patient outcomes.

Chosen Diagnostics aims to improve health care delivery for patients by personalizing their treatment. Initially the company is focused on developing two novel biomarker diagnostic kits: one for a common gastrointestinal disease in premature infants and a second to assess how likely a patient is to respond to certain drug treatments.

Commence Bio (formerly Wibi+Works) is a therapeutics company developing methods to improve the anti-inflammatory properties of stem cells. Commence aims to apply these methods in various inflammation-related disorders, including rheumatoid arthritis, by creating uniform cellular therapeutics with predictable behaviors.

Compliance Partners has developed comprehensive compliance solutions that include dedicated support staff, on-going advisory services, up-to-date regulatory content, and a best-in-class software platform. The mission of Compliance Partners is to make compliance and risk management accessible, manageable, and cost effective for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Crescentium’s initial product, the GemView LM, is designed to provide critical care physicians with a safe, inexpensive method of performing surgical procedures like tracheostomies while eliminating complications inherent in current procedures. The GemView LM gives physicians the advantage of continuous visualization of the larynx, trachea or lungs without obstructing or removing the patient’s airway.

D&P Bioinnovations is a regenerative medicine company focused on repairing damaged organs. The company is developing a bioresorbable, implantable medical device to functionally regenerate a damaged esophagus.

Dependency Pain Treatment Centers was created as a response to the national opioid epidemic.  Their proprietary protocols were designed to help those with emotional, physical, or spiritual pain as the result of dependency on a substance such as prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or alcohol.  Their facilities will practice a holistic approach to treating dependency through a combination of medical intervention, technology, and adaptive lifestyle changes. Their administrative team is working out of the Center as they perfect their protocols and oversee the opening of their treatment centers in the New Orleans-area.

Earth Prime is a green technology and design company devoted to pioneering everyday solutions that are simple-to-use, beautiful, and affordable. With a mix of integrative thought, creativity, and an understanding of ecology and ecological design, Earth Prime has developed the the iGardenX personal hydroponic gardening system solution.

eNre, Inc. aims to accelerate clinical trial recruitment and engagement through data analytics and mobile devices. The company’s platform helps healthcare organizations efficiently and effectively engage patients in clinical research while providing patients, caregivers, and physicians with innovative mobile and web-based tools that simplifies and streamlines processes, data collection, data visualization, and decision making.

Flux Diagnostics LLC is a company providing rapid and low cost in-vitro diagnostics for the detection of protein markers associated with various pathologies. Through a novel detection system and multiplex technology, the company aims to revolutionize diagnoses for various diseases.

Grok + Banter utilizes sensors to transform real people’s interactions into real-time metrics giving you access to data about the real world like never before.

Harmony Health provides high quality, comprehensive, and unlimited primary care to patients with Medicaid in order to improve health outcomes and lower downstream costs. Using new technology and innovative communication strategies, the patient can connect with their care team when they need them.

InnoGenomics Technologies is dedicated to the development of innovative genetic testing solutions that solve crimes and save lives. The company’s patented technology enables forensic scientists to unlock answers from the most challenging DNA evidence, and they are developing a liquid biopsy method to detect and monitor cancer through a minimally invasive blood test. InnoGenomics is focused on harnessing the power of genomics to transform healthcare and forensic investigations.

LaCell focuses on the production of premium quality stromal/stem cells for scientific investigators in the academic and biotechnology research community. The company’s long term goal is to facilitate the clinical translation and regulatory approval or stromal/stem cells as regenerative therapies.

Levisonics has developed a novel method for assessment of whole blood or blood plasma coagulation. The advantages of small sample size, non-contact, and rapid measurement make the technology desirable for real-time monitoring of blood coagulation in acutely unwell patients, trauma patients, major surgery patients, and patients with coagulation disorders.

Louisiana Funds sponsors Louisiana Fund I and II. While Louisiana Fund I is fully invested, Louisiana Fund II makes seed and early stage investments largely in the health care area in Louisiana, but will seek opportunities in the entire Southern tier from Arizona to Florida. The company has offices in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge.

Louisiana Technical Instruments aims to help pipeline operators, refineries, power plants, paper mills, off shore platforms, and additional industries comply with methane emissions regulations. The startup’s proprietary technology, the EPAS, provides one solution for reducing pneumatic controller methane emissions and decreasing “lost and unaccounted for” gas.

MaxiFlex is a medical instruments company specializing in manufacturing competitively priced surgical devices for use in the field of urology. The MaxiFlex’s product, the SemiFlex Scope, is the only disposable ureter scope in the marketplace today. MaxiFlex also manufactures single use and re-usable surgical laser fibers that provide surgeons flexibility and optimum power.

Medical Executive Partners addresses specific business needs of medical centers, clinical research centers, and hospital systems. MEP offers custom business strategy and financial expertise to provide quality and cost effective solutions for performing clinical trials, securing key funding, and optimizing productivity in a business and clinical setting.

Meredian Inc. is a manufacturer of poly(hydroxyalkanoate) biopolymers that come from renewable, non-petroleum, natural resources.  Meredian is dedicated to reducing our dependence on petroleum-based polymers while offering products that enhance the way we live and work through sustainable and biodegradable alternatives.

MicroBiome Therapeutics is developing evidence-based microbiome modulators designed to shift bacterial populations and their environment in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to better manage serious health conditions. MBT’s initial research and products are focused on metabolic conditions including prediabetes, diabetes and obesity.

MobileQubes is launching a national network of self-automated kiosks that allow mobile device users to rent and return high-capacity mobile battery packs called “Qubes” and continue charging and using their devices “on-the-go.”

NAD Research Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to research into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD+, as it relates to its role in the management of addiction, neurodegenerative diseases, aging, and other diseases and/or disorders reflective of mitochondrial dysfunction.  Our lab measures levels of NAD, NADH, NAD/NADH ratios with the global of understanding how these values impact health.

NanoFex, LLC is a privately held biotech company that has developed a proprietary and environmentally-sustainable microparticle formulation that sequesters and breaks down groundwater contaminants more efficiently and cost-effectively than current remediation techniques.

nDorse is a mobile and web based application that allows real time positive reinforcement and feedback by saying something nice to your colleagues and friends. nDorse incorporates institutional objectives and provides a real time app and web based tool for positive reinforcement. Colleagues can endorse each other via using an organization’s core values or goals, which not only helps with employee engagement but also reinforces the core values to the employees.

NOrMC is a collaboration of universities in the medical sciences to further the development of the Medical District. NOrMC is concentrating on Workforce Development in Greater New Orleans. The goal is to train and increase a workforce from New Orleans that will be able to work in the Medical Sciences.

NIRO (National Independent Review Organization) is a web-based independent medical review organization located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our network of independent, board-certified physicians provides our clients with the highest quality objective, independent medical reviews.

Nisoltus Medical was founded in 2015 and is a spinoff company from Tulane University. The company focuses on developing products to monitor and prevent pressure ulcers during hospital stays.

NOvate Medical Technologies is a medical device company focused on commercializing high-quality, low-cost, and sustainable medical products while addressing critical global health needs. NOvate’s first product, InfaClip, is a disposable plastic obstetric device that simultaneously cuts, clamps, and shields the infant, mother, and birthing attendant from infection, aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal mortality in developing countries.

NuPotential is pioneering the discovery and development of next generation “Epi-drugs,” novel compounds that modulate epigenetic targets and their processes, initially for the treatment of cancer.

Objective Medical Solutions was founded on the belief that discrete data and background analysis will revolutionize the practice of medicine, improve patient care, increase physician efficiency and reduce errors. The startup caters to the busy cardiology practice looking for a cardiovascular information system providing structured reporting across all diagnostic modalities. OMS also offers a Stage 2 certified electronic health record built for cardiology specialists.

OnBoard Oil Containment Systems (OBOCS) offers the marine and oil and gas industries the capability to control an oil spill at the onset by having boom on the vessel in the shipping lane ready for immediate deployment. However, OBOCS’ capabilities go well beyond just containing oil in shipping lanes. OBOCS offers solutions for all facets of operations — including handling, storage, and transfer operations.

ORA Estuaries grows oyster reefs into living coastal protection infrastructure. The company has developed OysterBreak, which takes advantage of the oyster’s inherent nature of clustering to form a coastal protection structure. The oysters not only form a natural breakwater that helps prevent shoreline erosion, but also help filter the water and grow faster than the sea level rise due to climate change.

Pine Biotech was founded in 2014 to bring computational big-data analysis tools and solutions to the biomedical, biotech and agrotech industries to address industry-specific challenges of big data analysis and data mining.

PortaVision Medical (Est. 2006, Independent) is a medical imaging solutions provider focused on developing and manufacturing imaging products that improve diagnosing and healing. NeoRay, the core PortaVision imaging platform, is the only FDA approved portable, neonatal X-ray system that provides a digital, high definition image in seconds.

Ultra Prep is a simple device which completely eliminates time spent in the Operating Room (O.R.) doing conventional preoperative skin preparation. Ultra Prep allows skin preparation to be done in the preoperative holding area BEFORE the patient enters the O.R. By placing a sterile plastic bag over an extremity and introducing the disinfectant solution into the bag, the extremity can be scrubbed and protected from contamination until after the patient enters the O.R., has been anesthetized, and is ready to be draped for incision. Normally, this is the period of time when the conventional prep begins requiring between 7-11 minutes of time, valued from $62 to more than $100 per minute. Ultra Prep increases patient safety while saving time and money.

RDNOTE aims to bring nutrition into the 21st century. Instead of doing long, tedious calculations with a pen and paper, use your smartphone and tablet to do the work for you. Manage patient information easily and efficiently and improve communication with patients and providers.

ReactWell, LLC is a clean tech company pioneering a novel geothermal biomass-to-oil and bioproduct production platform. Using this proprietary platform, ReactWell transforms biomass into a variety of products and services including oil, gas, carbon sequestration, waste disposal and energy efficiency savings.

Remendium Labs is leading the way in the treatment and prevention of pelvic dysfunction. Our first product, the LEVA, is a non-implantable medical device for the prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence.

ResourceWorks, Inc. provides training, consultation and coaching to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations and the people who lead them. Projects include managing the GPOA Foundation and the Unified Nonprofits of Greater New Orleans training and publications in the areas of nonprofit management, child welfare and juvenile justice, needs assessments, program development, grant writing, strategic planning, conference coordination and much more.

RNvention™ was founded by Registered Nurses with the goal of inventing equipment to solve the problems encountered in delivering care. Nix Tool™ is a Swiss-Army type like device designed for nurses by nurses.

Segue Therapeutics is an early-stage privately owned biotech company dedicated to the discovery and medical use of repurposed drugs (approved drugs for new indications) to treat pancreatic cancer. STX has discovered drugs that target fibroblast activation (Type A – Series 2000) and also target tumor cell invasion (Type B – Series 1000).

Servato provides a platform-as-a-service solution for remote DC power management in industrial settings. Utilizing an innovative new charging algorithm and management appliance and cloud-based visualization software, Servato provides unprecedented insight into and control over distributed DC power assets in a number of industries.

Skin and Bones develops affordable, anti-microbial, copper-silver products that combine the latest in material and fabric advancements with an orthopedic surgeon’s knowledge of musculoskeletal bracing techniques. These offer a better alternative to commonly used sleeves, braces, and compression apparel.

The South Coast Angel Fund LLC (South Coast) is a member-managed angel venture capital fund designed to utilize the capital, resources, and expertise of its members to profit from its investments in entrepreneurial, early-stage companies, primarily within Louisiana and the Gulf Coast community. Our membership consists of a number of the region’s leading investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who are dedicated to accelerating early-stage ventures.

Theodent LLC is revolutionizing oral care with a new line of toothpaste that strengthens enamel. Based on a revolutionary technology called Rennou™, Theodent toothpaste strengthens teeth using a a non-toxic proprietary blend of a naturally-occurring extract found in chocolate and using minerals that help to strengthen the enamel surface of human teeth.

TMS Bioscience clinical laboratory provides specialty tandem mass spectrometry testing. Monitoring of transplant patient immunosuppression is a core service, including the unique HomeTrak™ kit option that let’s patients obtain samples at-home. Other areas of expertise are reference lab out-sourcing and a variety of specialty lab services for clients.

Transcendent Legal offers a new and innovative model for the practice of law in the Gulf South Region. Transcendent is the first law firm in the region to combine legal services with technology for the benefit of the client, making Transcendent the first legal-tech startup in the area. The firm’s focus is to give clients real-time access to documents, budgets, invoices, project milestones and beyond via Transcendent’s state-of-the-art web platform. Transcendent represents a new level of providing efficiency, quality and collaboration between client and attorney.

TRUE-See Systems’ patent-pending technology provides clinicians with protocols, advanced color calibration techniques and electronic measurement capabilities to generate reliable results for accurate assessment, legal, billing and telemedical purposes. Founded by an award-winning cinematographer and a nationally-recognized wound care physician, TRUE-See creates standardized digital pictures to properly document a patient’s medical record, offering proof of medical necessity and improving treatment decisions.

Tucker ACS LLC offers accounting and consulting services, ranging from bookkeeping and taxes to outsourced CFO/Accounting services. The company markets their services to individuals, as well as start ups with specialty in medical fields with complex needs.

Tympanogen is commercializing an effective non-surgical gel patch developed at Tulane for repairing chronic holes in the eardrum, or tympanic membrane perforations. Perf-Fix™ replaces an $18,000 surgery that has a high failure rate. Over 1,000,000 surgeries are performed each year in the US alone to insert ventilation tubes in the tympanic membrane (eardrum) to relieve pain from middle ear infections. Of these surgeries, over 10% will result in a chronic perforation of the tympanic membrane.

Personalized medicine is transforming the world by allowing physicians to develop treatment plans based on information that is unique to each patient, including health history, environment, and genetic makeup. UTC Labs is pioneering this new era of health care, providing the tools that make personalized medicine possible. The lab offers pharmacogenetic testing and Advanced Toxicology, which produce the data to individualize treatments.


Vaxier Therapeutics (a Xavier spin-out) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel peptides for the prevention of vascular disease. Using these novel peptides, Vaxier hopes to bring to market compounds that effectively treat vision impairments caused by diabetic retinopathy and wet macular degeneration as well as tumor growth and metastasis. by Vertelogics is a cloud-based SaS medical informatics platform for the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. Validated clinical outcomes measures and practice analytics complement context-relevant informatics and clinical decision support which is leveraged through a collaborative process by all stakeholders in the healthcare process.

Wavegate Technologies and its corporate partners hold a portfolio of innovative intellectual property pertaining to the medical industry, including: spinal implants, surgical sterilization processes, devices for intraoperative nerve localization, cerebrospinal fluid shunt valve monitors, intracranial pressure monitoring, spinal cord stimulation, and medical informatics.

Zalgen Labs develops tools that will enhance diagnostic and prognostic evaluation. Zalgen Labs is currently developing diagnostics for a variety of infectious diseases including Lassa hemorrhagic fever, Dengue, Ebola, and Smallpox. These rapid and reliable tools promise to improve healthcare outcomes for the millions of people affected worldwide.

Founded by Xavier researchers, Zenopharm is developing novel therapeutic products for the treatment of breast and other cancers. The company has a therapeutic portfolio that includes boron-based 4-hydroxytamoxifen and endoxifen prodrugs for treatment of breast cancer, several thiazole lead compounds that are potential anti-metastasis therapeutic regimens, and a novel anti-vasculature agent as inhibitor of tumor angiogenesis.